LIES ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON. Will Scott Thorson understand that blood money has never done anyone any good?

Seeing all the hysteria around the Entertainment Tonight program, I finally decided to have a look at what was going on and report to you on the facts found.

Some of the facts will probably be serious enough to require the involvement of Michael Jackson’s Estate and some will simply help us to decide whether we need or don’t need the ET type of entertainment since we can spend our time in many much better ways than listening to their lies.

However the main question which is on everyone’s mind is how to prove that Scott Thorson is telling lies about Michael Jackson. To be able to do so I ask you to carefully go through the materials provided in this post. What you will see here is the record of the research done.


The whole fuss started when Scott Thorson, now 54,  a former Liberace’s boy seduced by him at the age of 16, said in an interview to Entertainment Tonight that he had a relationship with Michael Jackson which ‘would cross the boundaries’ thus hinting at a gay affair with MJ.  The first part of the interview was about Liberace, but the public was of course interested only in Michael Jackson and held their breath waiting for the second part.

The “staff” of Entertainment tonight described the first part as follows:

Liberace’s Former Lover Details Secret Romance


April 30, 2012

As Liberace’s larger-than-life story is set to hit the big screen in 2013, Scott Thorson, a former lover of the flamboyant entertainer, gives insight into the fascinating world of the late performer.

ET‘s special correspondent Christina McLarty sat down with Thorson, currently known as Jess Marlow, who became lovers with Liberace at the tender age of 16. In 1988, he wrote the book Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace in which he detailed his life with the famous singer. He is presently working on a follow-up.

“It was strange– it was kind of like a father/son relationship,” explains Thorson. “But we had sex.”

The now 54-year-old reveals that Liberace insisted that Thorson undergo plastic surgery to look like him during their then-secret romance, which lasted five years.

“He had a doctor fly from Beverly Hills …And he had a big portrait on the wall of himself. [Pointing to the picture] he said, ‘I want you to make him look like he’s my son.’”

Although he “was shocked” at first, Thorson says he relented to Liberace’s request. “I would do anything to please him,” he admits.

Steven Soderbergh and HBO films are currently producing Thorson’s story with Michael Douglas playing the lead role of Liberace and Matt Damon slated as his young boyfriend.

Tune in to ET for more of our special interview with Scott Thorson tonight and tomorrow night. Check your local listings.

The text makes it clear that the above is taking place as a sort of a publicity campaign for the forthcoming movie about Liberace. However judging by the ET’s prelude to the story it leaves you with an uneasy feeling that the goal of the program (and movie?) is to eventually mix the names and images of MJ and Liberace together – through the plastic surgery and other ideas mentioned. What are they preparing us for?

Scott Thorson and Liberace

In the pleasant course of the conversation with ET’s Christina McLarty, the crucial news that Scott Thorson was corrupted at the tender age of 16 and by a guy 44 years older than him, gets somewhat lost (of course only in case Thorson is not lying about the age he moved in to live with the guy).  According to other sources he went to live with Liberace in 1977 when he was 19.

But if he is not lying, then his early corruption is the reason why this  man is sitting in the TV studio now at all and is presenting his sad life story as entertainment for the millions of ET viewers.

Frankly, when I look at Scott Thorson I cannot choose between the feelings I have for him – anger at him and his lies or sorrow for the way his fate was twisted in someone else’s hands…

The second part of Scott’s interview was about Michael Jackson and was reported by the ET the next day:

Liberace’s Lover on Romance With Michael Jackson May 01, 2012

Yesterday Scott Thorson, Liberace’s former live-in boyfriend, shared private details of his five-year romance with the flamboyant entertainer. Today, Thorson drops a bombshell regarding Michael Jackson, claiming he and the King of Pop shared an intimate, sexual relationship in the eighties.

VIDEO: Liberace’s Former Lover Details Secret Romance 

“Michael and I had a relationship that would cross the boundaries,” Thorson reveals in an exclusive sit down with ET‘s Christina McLarty. “That’s about all I’m comfortable saying… We were both young.”

While he concedes that not many will believe that he and Michael were lovers, he says that the two became unlikely friends while he was dating Liberace. After a period of friendship, their relationship blossomed into more.

Thorson details his tumultuous relationship with the King of Pop and more in Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace, a book he wrote in 1998 which is currently being adapted for the big screen featuring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas. He is presently penning a follow-up.

Let us not faint at the above. Let us simply pick up the grains of truth from the mud of lies in which these grains are lying.

Scott is extremely cautious in making his allegations (interesting to find out why) and the most he says is that “the relationship crossed the boundaries” adding that this is all he is comfortable saying”.

However the text accompanying Scott’s words is loaded with innuendos – the ET says that it was a ‘relationship’ which ‘blossomed’ and they were ‘unlikely’ friends or even ‘lovers’ though ‘not many’ will believe it (the key word ‘lover’ is said doing all the harm in the world despite the negation). In short the ET text is loaded with meaning though no one says anything specific.

The ET text claims that Thorson detailed the ‘relationship’ with Michael Jackson in his book and this is a flat lie told by Entertainment Tonight for which the ET can and should be directly reprimanded.  

Thorson’s book written in 1988 (not in 1998!) was solely about Liberace and absolutely not about Michael Jackson, not to mention the fact that there was nothing about the alleged ‘gay’ relationship with Michael there.

We also learn from the ET that Thorson is planning a new book where he is evidently going to develop his novel ideas about Michael Jackson. It is clear that the ET program is probing the ground to see whether Michael Jackson’s family, Estate and supporters will allow these things to be told about Michael and how far they will be allowed to go in slandering him.


Thorson’s story is not new. It goes back to 2004 when Michael Jackson was in the midst of his legal battle with the Arvizos and had no time or strength for disputing Scott Thorson’s fictional ideas. His lawyer Steven Cochran angrily called the lies “false trash” and said they would take action, but in the avalanche that followed the story didn’t get the attention it deserved (later Steven Cochran, not relative to Johnny Cochran, had to leave the defense team for personal reasons and both Michael and Thomas Mesereau were very sorry to part with him).

However if you compare today’s story by Thorson with the one voiced back in 2004 you will see a decided difference – at the time, due to MJ’s vulnerability Scott’s allegations of a gay relationship with Michael Jackson were much more salacious while now he and Entertainment Tonight are much more cautious and are somewhat dancing around the theme (which makes you suspect that they are afraid of a lawsuit).

Compared with today’s version of the same, the story blasted out by the National Enquirer in April 2004 was horrendous. It was absolutely devoid of any restraint and was made in full confidence that since Michael Jackson was heading for prison anyway nothing could be too bad for the victim of their slander. Why bother about the proof of their story if he is already doomed? Who will bother to check the details if or when he is convicted? No one at the time could even imagine that the verdict could be Michael’s full acquittal!

In short, back in 2004 the life of the media was much easier – no one bothered about the truth and people competed with each other in a nationwide game called “who will invent a crazier story about Michael Jackson?”

The typical media report about Thorson’s story claimed that Scott had a gay affair with MJ and that this would be the crucial revelation for the child molestation case. This way the papers gave away the Prosecutors’ intentions to use the alleged MJ’s homosexuality as a bridge to paedophilia and a way to prove him to be a “boy abuser”.

The standard scandalous newspaper reports looked as follows:


Published on: April 15, 2004

“I had gay sex with Michael Jackson!” Those are the shocking words of Liberace’s former lover Scott Thorson — the first person ever to give an on-the-record interview about a homosexual affair with Jackson.

And his revelations could prove crucial in Jackson’s child molestation case.

In the issue that goes on sale Friday, Thorson — who passed a polygraph test — tells The ENQUIRER how he met Jackson in Las Vegas in 1979, began a gay affair with the singer in London and much more.

What else is interesting about these ‘revelations’ besides their vulgar manner and salacious content?  Another interesting point is the fact that the article was written on April 15, 2004. And what is so important about this date? Nothing, except that it was the last week of the Grand Jury deliberations on whether to indict Michael or not. Several days after the National Enquirer started its hysterical screams about Scott Thorson Michael Jackson was indicted and the court trial became unavoidable.

If this was not the way to prejudice the jurors I don’t know what else it could be.


The fact that Scott’s story was published on April 15, 2004 and the indictment came on April 21, 2004 was a pure coincidence (of course), however when studying the Michael Jackson case there are so many coincidences that they alone can make an impressive list to wonder at.

The media reports of the time tell us that the indictment did indeed take place in April 2004. The Grand Jury began convening on March 29 and met for two and a half (working) weeks with the indictment coming on April 21, 2004:

“The 19-member grand jury convened March 29 and met for 13 days to decide whether there was enough evidence to indict the singer.”

A California grand jury investigating child molestation accusations against Michael Jackson indicted the pop star on April 21, 2004, television networks ABC, NBC and CNN reported. The grand jury has met for about two weeks in Santa Barbara under extraordinary secrecy.

Now that we know that the April month of 2004 was so crucial for Michael Jackson’s life the strange thickening of lies, allegations and various ‘coincidences’ occurring exactly during the last week of the Grand Jury deliberations, begins to attract the attention of its own.

The very next day after the National Enquirer’s story about Scott Thorson came out, another article dated April 16, 2004 said that another ‘victim’ from Michael Jackson’s very distant past had been found and he would probably testify at the trial.

The name of the guy was Bartucci and what is interesting about him is that he waited for full 20 years in order to come up with his story in 2004.

He claimed that he suffered from repressed memories and recalled that he had been molested by MJ only in November 2003 when he was watching on TV the press-conference held by the D.A. Tom Sneddon and Sheriff Jim Anderson.

The press-conference will be forever remembered now by the bizarre fact that the two law enforcement officers made a nationwide call for new “victims” of Michael Jackson to come forward please, and it was after this call that Bartucci suddenly recollected that he had been molested 20 years before that.

The police were looking into Bartucci’s story for several months and judging by the news released on April 16, 2004 only  they waited for half a year and accidentally decided to make the news public just during the last week of the Grand Jury deliberations – which is another of our beautiful coincidences of course.

Later on Bartucci’s story was thrown out of court as the judge found him to be a “professional litigator” but at that moment the effect on the Grand jury and the public must have been a thunderous one – look, another victim has been found!

No one worried about the strange fact that at the time when the news was announced Bartucci was almost the same age as Michael and at the time of the alleged ‘molestation’ he was 18 years old, and that the ‘crime scene’ was a white limousine in New Orleans into which Bartucci was allegedly forced by slim and frail Michael and then driven to California “while being molested, held at gunpoint and cut with steel wire and a razor blade.”

For details about this and other madmen in Michael Jackson’s life please go to .

However back in April 2004 the news about Bartucci was published in full seriousness and was released, as you know now, exactly the next day after the Scott Thorson news. The media writing about the case consistently ignored the fact that the person whom they called “minor” was actually 18 years old at the time of alleged molestation:

Jackson Lawyers Dismiss New Claim

By Stephen M. Silverman

Friday April 16, 2004 08:41 AM EDT

Lawyers for Michael Jackson are dismissing this week’s latest child-abuse allegations against the pop star, saying the accusations are an attempt to smear Jackson and damage his chances for a fair trial in his child-molestation case.

Los Angeles police announced Monday they were investigating a new claim of sexual misconduct by Jackson that allegedly involved a young boy during the late 1980s. The Los Angeles Times, however, reports that the new allegations against Jackson came from an adult who claims to have been abused as a minor during a visit to the star’s Los Angeles-area home. Said Brafman and Geragos: “We have to question the timing and purpose of this 20-year-old false allegation being raised at this time.”

A spokesperson for Jackson, 45, told news agencies this week that he was unavailable for comment because he was in Orlando, “visiting some of the amusement parks with his children.”

The visit coincided with a National Enquirer story this week that the lover of the late entertainer Liberace claims that that he had an affair with Jackson back in the early ’80s.

A lawyer for Jackson angrily told New York’s Daily News that the claims by Scott Thorson, now also 45, were nothing but “false trash.”,,627959,00.html

Impressed by all these coincidences and out of sheer curiosity too I randomly picked up Maureen Orth’s articles to see if this author could also accidentally have something thrilling to tell us during the Grand Jury deliberations. And you know what? Just when the deliberations started or in March 2004 she did write an article called  “Neverland’s Lost Boys” about the poor nice sick kid Gavin Arvizo and the monstrous Michael Jackson!

After finding these breaking news articles so neatly grouped together at a moment when Michael Jackson’s fate and future were being decided I can bet whatever you like that the list of strange coincidences is far from being full. All it requires is just a little more digging to be able to find more “sensational” articles published just in one special week of April 2004.

However we need to return to Scott Thorson and see what he said about Michael Jackson back in 2004.


The story told by the National Enquirer was horrendous. Back in 2004 it was screaming from every corner as the media was reproducing the lies initially published by the National Enquirer. I haven’t got the original text of it but here is one of the typical reprints of the story:

Liberace’s Ex Adds To Jacko’s Woes


Thursday, April 15, 2004

Michael Jackson is lashing out at a former lover of Liberace’s who claims to have had an affair with Jacko.

Scott Thorson, 45, says he twice had romps with the Gloved One shortly before splitting with Liberace in the early ’80s.

Jackson’s attorney Steve Cochran tells us Thorson’s story is “false trash.”

But The National Enquirer, where Thorson makes his claim, reports that he passed a polygraph test and is ready to testify in the singer’s child-molestation case about his relationship with Jackson.

Thorson believes he could prove useful to prosecutors if Jackson’s lawyers assert that their client is thoroughly heterosexual and thus would have no interest in boys.

Thorson says that after meeting Jackson in 1979 in Vegas, the two had their first sexual encounter in a London apartment. Thorson, a former model, says he was trying on some new clothes when Jackson motioned him over to the bed where the singer was lounging.

He contends that they had another tryst the following day after a dinner party.

“[Michael] felt comfortable enough to make the first move on me, and I didn’t resist,” says Thorson. “Michael begged me to leave Liberace. I had to say no.”

Thorson admits in The Enquirer that Liberace evicted him from their L.A. home in 1982 after Thorson became addicted to painkillers and other drugs. Thorson later sued Liberace for palimony.

Thorson claims he saw Jackson off and on over the next few years. Twice, he claims, he saw gay-porn mags on Jackson’s nightstand – once with pictures that “looked like young boys.”

Cochran [Steve Cochran] reacted angrily to Thorson’s allegations, saying: “We reserve our right to seek the appropriate remedies” against “any person who makes this claim.”

Michael “motioned him over to the bed”? He “made the first move”? He “begged Scott to leave Liberace”? And Scott said “No” to him??  Despite the fact that his love affair with Liberace was drawing to an end???  Who is crazy here to tell us all these incredible stories?

And whom was Scott talking about at all? Was he talking about Michael Jackson?  Michael, that innocent little dove who even in the 90s made rounds of people’s homes with the Jehovah’s Witnesses books in his hands to preach the Gospel? That very Gospel which doesn’t approve of homosexuality, by the way?

And did Scott Thorson remember what Michael had been like when he was 20? Could that shy and timid guy confidently “motion” anyone to himself? Was Scott describing someone street smart or the painfully shy young man Michael actually was? Wasn’t Scott mistaking Michael for someone else who really lured Scott into his bed?

A more detailed account of the National Enquirer story is found in this source. Since the source is dated October 2004 it shows that several months after the initial story was released the lie acquired new false details like any snowball would. Now it began to claim a totally wrong (even by Scott’s standards) idea that the “sex started in 1979”, when the two guys met each other for the first time.

But look here,  Scott initially lied only about the early 80s and only about two days during a visit to London!  We do not expect these liars  to tell us the truth, but why can’t these people report even their lies correctly?’

Here is the heavily exaggerated version of Scott’s story:

Last update of this page: October 31st 2004

Scott Thorson was Liberace’s live-in lover for five years. After being showered with expensive gifts he turned around and filed a palimony suit against Lee for $113 million, which Scott won. Scott said he was Liberace’s bodyguard, confidant and chauffeur, and had participated in a homosexual relationship with him. Unfortunately, even up to this point, Liberace continued to deny being homosexual.

Scott later wrote the book Behind the Candelabra, about his life with Liberace.

Scott also made claims to American tabloid the National Enquirer, alleging he had sex with pop star Michael Jackson. Their sex took place in 1979, shortly after they were introduced by Liberace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Scott recalls, “The day Michael and I met we hit it off. We spent days running around Las Vegas together. Michael wanted to spend all his free time with me. We are only five months apart [both 20 y.o.] in age so we had a lot in common with each other.”

Scott claims his relationship with Jackson intensified in London in the early 80s, where Liberace was performing and Jackson was working on a selection of songs with Paul.

Scott continues, “We were two young men extremely attracted to each other. You could’ve cut the sexual tension with a knife. I was standing only a few feet away from Michael when he motioned with his hand to come over to him and join him in bed. I climbed onto the bed. Our lovemaking session lasted about an hour.”

Scott, who claims he had sex with Jackson again for the final time a day later at Lord Montague’s house in the outskirts of London, says he visited the singer on two occasions years later at a hotel where he alleges Jackson was in possession of what looked like gay porn magazines featuring young boys.

While Scott’s romance with Liberace later fizzled, his friendship with Jackson also deteriorated because of the singer’s alleged porn habit. Scott later fell into a spiral of drug abuse and is now battling hepatitis C.

National Enquirer says it put Scott through a lie detector test over the claims – which he passed in the presence of an expert. And now Scott declares he’s willing to testify about his alleged affair in Jackson’s current child molestation case.

He adds, “If the district attorney wants to talk to me about my experiences with Michael Jackson I would be more than happy to tell him the truth. And if Michael tries to deny what I’ve said about our homosexual acts in London, I challenge him to take a polygraph. I did.”

The above is a huge wall of lies. We know it even from the simple fact that today’s story from the same Scott Thorson sounds much more reserved and incomparable to the initial version. He is simply afraid to voice it the way it was told in 2004 by the National Enquirer, let alone venture repeating all the embellishments added by others.

Okay, let us deal with this wall of lies piece by piece taking out one brick after another.


Despite the thrill of the gay story the most damaging piece for Jackson at the time were Scott’s words on the “gay porn magazines” which he saw “once” and which “looked like young boys“ to him. Considering the nature of the 2005 trial this evidence from Scott Thorson should have sent Tom Sneddon running after him as a witness, however to our big surprise the Chief Prosecutor remained totally indifferent to Scott’s revelations.

The only explanation I can find for this inexplicable lack of attention on Tom Sneddon’s part is that firstly, the Prosecutor was doubtful, same as we are, that “porn magazines featuring young boys” were in free circulation in the US , and secondly, he had enough headache with Janet Arvizo as a crazy witness and he didn’t want any other craziness to undermine his case further. Whatever the reason for Tom Sneddon’s indifference to Scott was but he totally ignored Thorson’s generous suggestion of help and never subpoenaed the guy – and this tells us all we need to know about the credibility of Scott’s story.


The second point which draws our attention in the Enquirer’s story is that Thorson seems to have passed a polygraph test. This information took me by surprise at first, however further reading on the subject brought home to me that outsmarting the polygraph is quite easy – all you need is a good night’s sleep and a couple of pills to calm down your nervous system, and the thing is done. Here is some advice on how to do it from the people who really know:

  • The polygraph is just a bull shit tactic to scare ppl into a confession. It has ZERO credibility as some ppl may be just nervous & give off false readings of deception. The best way to beat a polygraph if you ever have to is get a good night’s sleep & take approx 2 to 3mg of clonazepam or any other comparable benzodiazipine which will slow down your nervous system thus making you calmer, or opt for the pin pricking technique. either way, it can be 100% beaten.
  • The body does not know the difference between what it is thinking, and what actually happened.

Experts say that the results provided by a lie detector are considered so unreliable that they are not even admitted in court:

The Truth about the Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests

These tests are almost never used during an actual criminal proceeding. Both the prosecution and the defense would have to agree to the use of the test results in order for them to be admissible in court and this very rarely happens.

The major problem with Polygraph and lie detector tests is that, while it can measure when the person is under stress, there is no way to tell what is causing that stress. The simple fact that the person may be in the process of being charged for a crime and the fact that they actually have to take the test could be stressful enough to throw their answers out of whack.

The American Psychological Association reports, “the idea that we can detect a person’s veracity by monitoring psycho-physiological changes is more myth than reality.”

A person who does not show signs of stress through their vital signs could easily beat the test. Not everyone shows their stress in the same way, so someone who gets easily stressed could fail the test when they are actually telling the truth.


Wiki’s numerous examples indeed show that “innocent people have been known to fail polygraph tests”.

Summarizing the consensus in psychological research, professor David W. Martin, PhD, from North Carolina State University, states that people have tried to use the polygraph for measuring human emotions, but there is simply no royal road to measuring human emotions. Therefore, since one cannot reliably measure human emotions (especially when one has an interest in hiding his/her emotions), the idea of valid detection of truth or falsehood through measuring respiratory rate, blood volume, pulse rate and galvanic skin response is a mere pretense.

Since psychologists cannot ascertain what emotions one has, polygraph professionals are not able to do that either.

Since Scott and Michael were almost opposite personality types we can easily imagine that out of these two Michael could easily fail such a test even despite telling the innocent truth, while Scott Thorson could easily pass it despite telling horrible lies.

Rogues are much better suited for fraudulent action and lies than normal people, not to mention the fact that Scott Thorson was most sophisticated in matters of sex while Michael was shy, “prissy, proper and prim” (according to Kit Culkin) and would blush at any question about sex or mere profanity as a “Victorian old maid”.

Kit Culkin, father of Macaulay Culkin found Michael’s shyness in matters of sex and his dissociation from vulgarity, profanity and bad language one of Michael’s most amazing and hilarious features. He also said that Michael was an absolute “scaredy-cat” or excessively fearful as the dictionary puts it  – and this makes the story about him being so bold in a stranger’s home as to make passes at Scott look highly dubious to me. Kit Culkin says about Michael’s shyness, puritanism and gentlemanly embarassment at disclosing one lady’s secret which he told with a blush:

“… Michael is always very prissy and proper and prim, and the very essence of the proverbial Victorian old maid.  Profanity, vulgarity, bad language and all such other improprieties of speech are things that just might cause him to all but faint.  And as to sex itself, this is a something that he can’t bring himself to even mention or give thought.

In a moment of unintended self-revelation, he himself once told me (with his hand cupped over his mouth in a gesture of “I shouldn’t”) about how a highly popular female entertainer (I’ll withhold the name) had once “exposed herself” to him (his words) just to see how he would react; a confession that caused him to visibly blush, I noticed, and through layers of pancake yet!

The other thing about Michael, over and above this rather quaintly prudish and even puritanical attitude, is that attribute of which I have had some cause to mention before; and this is that he is also an absolute scaredy-cat; a fellow who is perfectly terrified of his own shadow.  It is a characteristic of his to which I shall have some cause to return.”

Scott Thorson and the media who published a spectacular suggestion for Michael to take a polygraph test knew very well that neither Michael nor anyone in his place would ever agree to any such thing for the simple reason that it is totally ridiculous and even insulting to take a polygraph test to defend yourself each time some rogue tells a false story about you. It would be too much honor to take a polygraph test to disprove each and every lie ever told about Jackson – with so many lies around he would have had no time left for composing his music then…

7. FRIENDS IN 1979?

The October 2004 source quoted above gets a little carried away in its lies and claims that Scott and MJ “had sex in 1979”. This is not true even by Scott’s false standards and the outrageous story made up in 2004. He said they got acquainted in 1979 and immediately “hit it off” which means that they immediately became friends (at least according to Scott Thorson).

I doubt it though. Thorson at the time was a sophisticated and street smart guy with more than 4 years of homosexual love behind his back – while Michael Jackson was still a baby and a “Victorian maid” who made rounds of other people’s houses as a devout Jehovah’s Witness preaching God and the way of life according to the Bible.

No matter what Scott thought of him Michael Jackson was so naïve in the early 80s that he could not even understand the reasons for rumors about his alleged homosexuality.  He made innocent guesses and thought that it was due to his soft voice. He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of stories were told about about him by Scott Thorson, or to be more exact, would be told about him 20 years later.

A lecturer of gay and lesbian issues at Yale University, Seth Silberman says that Michael was genuinely perplexed as to why some people would perceive him as gay:

On Wednesday, September 5, 1984, Frank Dileo and Norman Winter held a press conference at a West Hollywood sound studio. Norman introduced “what may be an unprecedented move.” He read first: “Superstar Michael Jackson today instructed [us] to ‘once and for all set the record straight.'” Michael’s publicist explained that “the potential risk of reacting to … unfounded rumors” could no longer silence him”. Then, Michael’s manager steps to the podium to read his client’s response. Once done, he retreats to a control booth. Reporters belt, “Hold on! Frank, come on! Why isn’t Michael here himself? What’s going on, really?”

Norman explains that Michael’s upset by reports of his alleged homosexuality: “The fact that they say he’s gay is completely ridiculous. If little girls want to grow up and marry Michael, now they know they’ve got a chance.” Norman’s comments referred to hundreds of fan letters begging Michael to come out, heterosexually. Michael’s statement never mentions homosexuality directly. He starts with, “No! I’ve never taken hormones to maintain my high voice.” He denies he’s surgically altered either his eyes or cheekbones. There’s no mention of his nose. Finally, he proclaims, “I plan to get married and have a family. Any statements to the contrary are simply untrue.”

Five years earlier, Michael confronted a reporter himself: “I am not homo. Not at all. … I’m not going to have a nervous breakdown because people think I like having sex with men. I don’t and that’s that. If I let this get to me, it will only show how cheap I am. I’m sure I must have fans who are gay, and I don’t mind that. That’s their life and this is mine. You can print that.”

Then, he seemed genuinely dumbfounded that anyone would believe the rumor: “Is it my voice? Is it because I have this soft voice? All of us in the family have soft voices.” Michael’s vocal coach Seth Riggs, who started with him in 1978, came to his employer’s defense before the news conference. Seth’s support sounded like a talking point: “We’re all fed up with the lies and nonsense about this boy we love so much. Michael is different. … He’s not of this world.” When Seth debunked the hormone rumors, he let slip just how mundanely Michael speaks. “He isn’t naturally falsetto,” he resolved. “His voice is as low as yours or mine. Natural, male, husky. But he doesn’t like it. He calls it his ‘frog’ voice, so for personal reasons, after I had taught him to reach that level and maintain it, he decided to stick with it. But it’s just a technique—a trick.”

biographer Randy Taraborrelli defends Michael’s public actions, but not the possibility of his desire: “Michael Jackson would never allow himself to have homosexual relationships, even if he did have feelings for other men. He is much too puritanical, a result of his religious background.” Sister Rebbie reiterated the family’s investment in Jehovah’s Witness teachings: “Anyone who turned out to be homosexual would be disfellowshiped, cut off right away.”

On set, the star was inspired to assert his interest in women. His video girlfriend Ola Ray remembered Michael talking a lot about Brooke Shields between takes. Then, when “a gay guy and his friend came onto the set,” Michael dismissed them. “Look at him, he’s got his boyfriend with him.” Ola concluded that Michael was “a space person” but noted that Marlon Brando’s long-haired son Miko was around a lot: “They seemed to be best friends.”

Of course Michael had male friends! In this topsy-turvy world of ours is it no longer natural to have friends among their own sex? Or are men supposed to associate with women only? And for sex only? And what about friendship?


Speaking about friendship let us ask whether Michael Jackson and Scott Thorson could really know each other and indeed be friends at a certain point in time?

Belinda who is the author of has found a precious piece of information. It comes from a former employee of Michael Jackson who commented on Scott’s  “friendship” with MJ on the National Enquirer’s message board. The employee turned out to be a rare bird for Michael’s surrounding and in fact wrote a rebuttal of Scott’s lies.  After all we’ve learned about so many scoundrels among Michael’s employees isn’t it refreshing to find that there were also decent people in his surrounding? And that the former employee can even stand up for Michael Jackson? (sorry, but this was meant to be a bitter joke)

The employee said that Scott Thorson and Michael Jackson did indeed know each other but Michael was “old school” and felt incredibly uncomfortable when Scott made passes at him:

Anybody who genuinely knows Michael (which is none of you), knows that Michael is straight – almost to a fault of himself, considering that he doesn’t look like the most masculine of brothas. You’re so quick to believe Scott, which is hysterical because if you knew their history,  you’d know how weirded out Michael was by Scott’s advances.

Michael’s not overtly homophobic, but he is old school and isn’t completely  comfortable with it. However, given the nature of his profession, he has tried  his best to be accepting and because he tries to be a good Christian, he  does not judge, he leaves that to God. He still gets incredibly  uncomfortable by advances by anything remotely male….which brings us to  Scott.

Scott made a pass at Michael. Michael ignored it, initially. The  second time, Michael told him to back the #### off (in more polite  language, of course…Michael was still quite young and sweet and innocent  back in the ’80s, if a dude tried something similar NOW, he might get  punched in the face).

They haven’t spoken since then. The closest he ever  got to Michael after about ’84 was that his boyfriend was friends with Priscilla Presley’s makeup artist. The two haven’t spoken since Scott tried to get all up on Mikey.

One may ask themselves, if his motive for coming forward now was out of some sort of moral obligation and a desire to crush MJ’s “strategy” of declaring himself heterosexual, why didn’t he come forward in 1993?  Maids, cooks, ex-guards, everybody and their momma was coming forward with  “claims,” why not then? Or, if the motivation behind this is genuine concern for the welfare of children and not money, why not go to the police with the things you’ve seen (i.e. Scott claiming to have seen child porn on Michael’s nightstand)?

Simple, none of it happened and Scott was still livin’ the life with  all of Liberace’s dough. Poverty brings forth all sorts of “memories.” Isn’t it convenient that just as soon as his cash stash is running dry, he tells the world he had sex with Michael Jackson?

This beautifully clarifies a lot of things, doesn’t it? And answers all the questions we had? And shows the simple truth behind all the embellishments made by Scott Thorson and the media?

Okay, let us move on after this big breakthrough in our little study.


Scott Thorson claimed that “his relationship with Jackson “intensified” in London in the early 80s, where Liberace was performing and Jackson was working on a selection of songs with Paul [McCartney]”. 

This required verifying whether either Scott or Michael or both of them were indeed in London in the early 80s.

The dates for Michael and Paul McCartney working on the song Say Say Say fall on the period between May and September 1981. Michael stayed in the house of Paul and Linda (and absolutely not somewhere on the outskirts of London in some Lord Montague’s house as Scott Thorson claimed). Even if he visited the house of that Lord, which I doubt, why would he stay the night there? Or did the “bed scene” take place in broad daylight in a house where Michael was a guest? What an incredible thing it is to imagine that a shy and fearful guy like Michael would behave so boldly and recklessly in someone else’s home!

Wiki tells us more on Michael and Paul’s collaboration when they were working on Say Say Say:

McCartney had already collaborated with Jackson on “The Girl Is Mine”, from the latter’s Thriller and in return Jackson agreed to work on “Say Say Say” for McCartney’s Pipes of Peace  McCartney biographer Ray Coleman asserted that the majority of the song’s lyrics were written by Jackson, and given to McCartney the next day. “Say Say Say” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios between May and September 1981. At the time, McCartney was recording Tug of War, the former Beatle’s’s first solo album after the disbandment of his group Wings.  Jackson stayed at the home of McCartney and his wife Linda during the recording sessions, and became friends with both. [This is where Michael learned from Paul about the publishing rights as a good source of income].

The production of “Say Say Say” was completed in February 1983, after it had been refined and overdubbed at Cherokee Studios in California.

The music video (or “short film”) for “Say Say Say” was directed by Bob Girladi, who had previously directed Michael Jackson’s music video for “Beat it”. To accommodate Jackson’s busy schedule the video was filmed at Los Alamos near Santa Barbara, California. McCartney flew in specially for filming.”

Okay, so the above provides the exact time for Michael’s staying in the UK – it was May-September 1981 [which was later reduced by our Lynette to May 1981 only, as it turned out that in June Michael started rehearsals with his brothers for a tour and was already back from the UK. Please see the comments for details]. The rest of the work on the video was carried out in the US and is therefore beside the range of our discussion.

And where was Liberace at the time? Scott Thorson says that he himself was in London because Liberace was “performing” there, so were there any live concerts in the UK in 1981?

I am afraid there were not.  All the sources I studied say that the peak of Liberace’s performing career was in the 50s, 60s and 70s (let us not forget that Liberace was 44 years older than his boy lover Thorson), so by the time Thorson was 21 Liberace was already 63 and was performing live on very rare occasions:

In 1960 Liberace performed at the London Palladium with Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis Jr. (this was the first televised ‘command performance’, now known as ‘The Royal Variety Show’ for Queen Elizabeth II).

His career then went into a slump but he skillfully built it back up by appealing directly to his fan base through live appearances in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

Liberace was a favorite subject of tabloid magazines throughout his life and he published an autobiography in 1973.

Liberace owned an antique store for some years in Beverly Hills, California. In 1982 he guest starred on one of his own favorite television programs, ‘Lives…of the curious’ on the renowned two parted, ‘The Mystery of Mother’s Murder.’ He had a keen interest in cooking, often preparing meals for friends and associates. In addition, he owned a restaurant in Las Vegas for many years and even published cookbooks.

The official site of Liberace’s Museum says that at that period Liberace gave only three live concerts. All of them were in the USA:

  • 1977: Royal Command Performance for Princess Grace of Monaco.
  • March 29, 1982: Liberace performs all of the 1981 nominated film theme songs at the Oscars.
  • 1986: House record for ticket sales of $528,298 for 8 performances in the Fox Theater in St. Louis, MO.

To make the story short I’ll say that I did finally find the 1981 date consistent with Scott Thorson’s story. The reason why Liberace was in London was because he was picking up an award at London Palladium.

Could Thorson see Michael during those few days while Liberace was in the UK? Probably he could if he was accompanying Liberace on that visit. However even if he did see Michael in London it still does not prove any of his allegations.

So let us set the year 1981 as a hypothesis for the ‘historic’ meeting in London between Scott Thorson and Michael Jackson and move on.


The year 1981 we are focusing on was not an easy one for Thorson. It was the year prior to 1982 when Scott would be thrown (in the literal meaning of the word) out of Liverace’s house due to his drug-addiction and due to Liberace’s involvement with a young man younger than Scott.

By the year 1981 Thorson was already a cocaine drug addict. He acquired this habit due to the surgeon who, at Liberace’s whim, made plastic surgery on the young man and put him on a cocaine diet after the surgeries.

Thorson’s best connection for cocaine supply was a certain Eddie Nash:

“Thorson, who lived with Liberace and served as his chauffeur, secretary and lover from 1977 until 1982, maintained a close relationship with Nash during much of that period.

“Eddie was Scott’s cocaine connection,” one source said.

In an acknowledgment in his recently published book, “Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace,” Thorson names Nash as one of six people who, over the years, offered him “personal support and understanding.”

In June 1981 Thorson went to Laurel Canyon to Eddie Nash’s residence to buy cocaine. When in Eddie Nash’s house Scott Thorson became a chance witness to a beating by Nash of a porn actor Holmes, and this event eventually brought about a murder of four people in the house. The quadruple murder took place on July 1 and both Holmes and Nash were suspects:

Scott Thorson (gay lover of pianist Liberace) arrived at the Nash residence to pick up some drugs. Upon his arrival, Nash told him he had been just been robbed. Thorson witnessed bodyguard Diles bring Holmes into the house and beat him horribly until Holmes admitted the Wonderland Gang was behind the robbery. Nash threatened to kill Thorson if he ever repeated what he witnessed. When the state of California eventually brought murder charges against Eddie Nash, Thorson made a deal with the District Attorney to have unrelated criminal charges dropped in exchange for his testimony.

Nash’s 1990 trial ended when the jury hung on a vote of eleven to one. Later, it would be alleged Nash had bribed the holdout.Thorson entered the Federal Witness Protection Program but later left it. Thorson was shot five times in a 1990 robbery but lived.

CharlieManson.Com – The Wonderland Murders – John Holmes

These and further developments contributed to Scott Thorson’s falling into disfavor with Liberace, and this eventually brought him to a state in which he started to invent stories about Michael Jackson in order to get money for drugs or mere survival.

Here is the timeline of the events in the life of Liberace and Thorson in all their beauty in case you have lost track of some of them:


27 Sep 1956

London Newspaper Daily Mirror calls Liberace a “deadly, winking, sniggering, snuggling, chromium-plated, scent-impregnated, luminous, quivering, giggling, fruit-flavored, mincing, ice-covered heap of mother love… Without doubt, he is the biggest sentimental vomit of all time. Slobbering over his mother, winking at his brother, and counting the cash at every second… a sugary mountain of jingling claptrap wrapped in such a preposterous clown.”


Hollywood Confidential article, “Mad About the Boy.” Liberace sues, wins $40,000.

8 Jun 1959

Libel trial for Daily Mirror article begins. Trial lasts six days, Liberace awarded $22,400.

22 Nov 1963

Collapses backstage after inhaling carbon tetrachloride, a cleaning compound.


Liberace Cooks! Recipes from His Seven Dining Rooms published.


Meets cute dog groomer Scott Thorson, age 17ish.

15 Apr 1979

Liberace Museum opens, Las Vegas NV.

c. 1981

Scott Thorson undergoes plastic surgery to look more like Liberace.


Scott Thorson goes to 8763 Wonderland in Laurel Canyon (site of Charles Manson murders) to buy cocaine, where he witnesses Eddie Nash beat up pornstar John Holmes. On July 1, the house is the site of a quadruple murder, with both Holmes and Nash suspects.

14 Oct 1982

Chauffer Scott Thorson files a $113 million palimony suit against Liberace. Settled out of court for $95,000.

c. 1982

Liberace replaces boy Scott Thorson with boy Cary James.

4 Feb 1987

Liberace dies of AIDS, Palm Springs CA.


Daily Mirror asks for its $22,400 back.

Apr 1988

Over 20,000 belongings auctioned off, Los Angeles Convention Center.


Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace, by Scott Thorson, in which he claims Liberace was a top.


Replacement boy Cary James dies of AIDS.

Frankly, the timeline did not convince me that Thorson could see Michael Jackson in London in the summer of 1981. How could he if Michael was there in the summer of 1981 while Thorson was busy with this cocaine/murder witness event at about the same period of time? [Now we know that Scott got into trouble with Eddie Nash after his visit to London, not before it.]

Of course the federal protection program was in effect only in 1990 and theoretically Thorson could still go to London with Liberace after witnessing the quadruple murder. In this case I can imagine what stories he would be telling Michael and how intently Michael would be listening to all the details of that story. Knowing that Scott went there for cocaine he probably even tried to wean Thorson off the drugs he was taking… This I can easily imagine, while the “gay” story still remains totally unproven.

Roger Friedman wasn’t convinced by the gay story either. He wrote a sarcastic article about it the same day Thorson’s story was published in the National Enquirer.


Before we read Roger Friedman’s article  it is high time we recalled once again that today’s version of  Thorson’s story in the Entertainment Tonight program says that Thorson described his “relationship” with Michael in his book, which is actually a big, very big, really big LIE.

The truth is that at the time of making the book, in 1988  Thorson didn’t say a word about any “gay” relationship with Michael!

The book was about Liberace and Liberace alone! And here is the proof of it:

Back in 2004 Roger Friedman met the author of the book Alex Thorliefson . The news about Thorson’s new revelations about Michael Jackson turned out to be a big surprise to her:

Published April 15, 2004

Our friends at the National Enquirer have a big scoop today. They’ve paid Liberace’slover, Scott Thorson, to tell how he and Michael Jackson were lovers twice in the early 1980s. Feel like taking a shower?

If Thorson did what he says he did with Michael, it’s news to the author of his book. Back in the late 1980s, Thorson came out with a “memoir” called “Behind the Candelabra.” (I use the word “memoir” advisedly here. Lillian Hellman and Edmund Wilson have also published memoirs, you see.)  The writer who worked on the book, Alex Thorliefson, says Thorson told her that he and Jackson had been close friends, but never mentioned anything like this.

Thorliefson told me about her out-of-print book.

“Scott knew Michael for a number of years starting in 1979. In the book, he speaks of Michael and Janet coming to Liberace’s house in Vegas to swim. They couldn’t use a hotel public pool. Scott’s friendship with Michael was in London while Liberace was appearing at the Palladium.

They saw each other every day for a period of time after that. In the book, there is no reference to anything other than a close friendship,” Thorliefson said. “Were they lovers? That I could not say. He said there was a lot of touchy-feely, a lot of sexual innuendo, whenever he was with Michael.”

The Enquirer says Thorson passed their lie detector test and they are satisfied with the results.

What’s kind of more interesting is the rest of Thorson’s story: He’s spent most of the last several years in the Federal Witness Protection program — not for his Jacko or Liberace connections, but because in 1990 he ratted out a mobster in exchange for a lighter sentence for selling drugs.

Unfortunately, the mobster — known as Eddie Nash (aka Eddie the Hat) — was acquitted, which left Thorson high and dry. (Thorson, the Zelig of all high crimes and misdemeanors, claimed that Nash had been responsible for the Wonderland, aka Laurel Canyon, murders in Los Angeles in 1981.)

Thorliefson says Thorson is in dire need of cash, hence the story sale to the Enquirer.

“As for him coming out with it now, I’m sure he sold the story for a lot of money at the opportune moment while Michael’s sexual peccadilloes are in the news.”

Meantime, according to my pal Diane Dimond at Court TV, recent reports of a new Jackson police inquiry are false. That’s right. An 18-year-old boy was claiming he’d been molested by Jackson in 1988. [Bartucci] That would have made him 2 years old at the time. I’m told that this story grew out of control on Monday night until it became fact yesterday. Now it’s dismissed.,2933,117143,00.html

Did you notice that with all that messy media reporting even Roger Friedman got totally confused about the age of the “second victim” conveniently found just at the time? Let me clarify to you once again that Bartucci was born in 1965 and at the moment of alleged molestation (sometime in 1983) was 18 years old. The allegations were made in 2003/04 when he was actually around 40. So if even Friedman was confused over the age of the “victim” we can imagine how much more confused the general public was! Everyone really thought that Bartucci was a minor!

Okay, at least the Alex Thorliefson part was reported by Roger Friedman correctly and she hadno idea that her book said anything about any “gay relationship” with Michael Jackson.  And since this lady was evidently the ghost-writer of the book we can be sure that she did indeed know what she was talking about.

From Roger Friedman’s article we also find out that our supposition that Thorson could go to London only in 1981 and accompanied Liberace to pick up an award at London Palladium turned out to be completely correct – Alex Thorliefson confirms the date and even the reason for going there.

So Thorson probably did see Michael in 1981 after all. However it doesn’t mean that Thorson’s story which emerged only in 2004 is true.  In the book of 1988 Thorson did not say a word about any of his allegations and though he was probably in love with Michael at the time he didn’t venture to write about it or invent any lies about Michael in his book then.

But when a convenient moment came in the year 2004 and everyone trashed Michael either for money, out of habit or as a wicked hobby,  Thorson offered a salacious story about Michael Jackson for sale to the National Enquirer – and this is how this lie came about at all.  By then Thorson was already in dire straits and decided to trade his story for some cash.

However we know that Michael Jackson’s haters are keen on rewriting history about the innocent man and therefore today’s version of the year 2012 of Scott Thorson’s story is being promoted in a totally different variant which skips the year 2004 and claims that his stories about Jackson are based on his 1988 book!  This way haters want to move Scott’s lies back into the past and hide the fact that he invented the story only in 2004, when he tried to take advantage of MJ’s legal situation and use it for his financial benefit….

OMG, and what if the movie featuring Michael Douglas is also based on the updated version of it, and they will trash Michael Jackson’s good name in it on the basis of their new lies???

No, the Estate lawyers should definitely have their say on this issue!

See what new lies the media tells us now:

Thorson previously revealed details of his intimate friendship with Jackson in his 1988 book “Behind the Candleabra: My Life With Liberace,” which is currently being made into a movie starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon


The above is not all we have on Scott Thorson. The most amazing piece I have found about him was written by journalist Roger Jacobs, an acquaintance of Thorson. The journalist tells us of the bleak circumstances which brought Scott Thorson to a huge betrayal of his former friend Michael Jackson and the reasons why he had to tell lies about him at all.

But first here is a short word about Rodger Jacobs:

  • Rodger Jacobs has won multiple awards and grants for his work as a journalist, documentary writer and producer, screenwriter, playwright, magazine editor, true crime writer, book critic, columnist, and live event producer. He provided the preface and original inspiration for Jack London: San Francisco Stories (Sydney Samizdat Press) in 2010.

Roger Jacobs is a serious journalist – you can tell it by the manner of his writing.  He shows us the sordid side of his trade and calls having to sell his story to the “ghetto of tabloids” a new low for himself.  But he hit rough times when the magazines he worked for as a freelance journalist closed (Eye magazine, Panik newspaper and E Commerce Business magazine). As a by-comment let me say that it is high time we stopped supporting trashy tabloids by buying their lies and start paying for the truth told by journalists like Roger Jacobs. Truth is the only goal worth paying, working and living for.

So here is Roger Jacobs’s story about Scott Thorson, the people surrounding him and the reasons why he lied about Michael Jackson.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it claims that Thorson passed three polygraph tests. However if this is true (Scott Thorson could have easily exaggerated things for better effect) we will have to accept it  – Scott’s motivation for lying about Jackson was so huge that anything was possible. He could have passed a hundred tests and jumped into the Niagara waterfall in order to get some money at the time.

If you look at it from another side there might also be a possibility that they made him pass several tests because the experts were in doubt as to the credibility of what he was saying. And by the way even the National Enquirer said that the test was only one, so all the rest was disregarded for some reason.

Here is Roger Jacob’s account of the events in 2004:

By Rodger Jacobs 29 May 2009

“How much money are you looking for?” I asked the man with the high nasal voice.

“Well, Rodger, that’s the thing,” he began, words escaping his throat with the trembling unease of bad notes from a rusty accordion. “I’m really in a bad place right now. I had to have surgery to remove a bullet that’s been lodged near the base of my spine for a long time.”

“How did that happen?” I cradled the telephone receiver between my left shoulder and ear, carefully pouring a shot of rum into a white coffee mug permanently stained by acidic instant coffee.

“Someone shot me five times the day after I got out of the Federal witness protection program in 1990; I turned state’s evidence against Eddie Nash for the L.A. District Attorney.”

As co-writer and principal interviewer for the award-winning feature documentary Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes, I knew more than I ever wanted to know about the man reputed to be L.A.’s most dangerous underworld figure.

Eddie Nash, aka Adel Gharib Nasrallah, was a Palestinian immigrant who built a small but formidable empire in the drug-fueled ‘80s, a vast, interconnected network of trendy Los Angeles nightclubs and hotspots: the Starwood Club and Soul’d Out in West Hollywood, the Paradise Ballroom, the Seven Seas, Ali Baba’s and the Kit Kat strip club, to name a few. Nash ran narcotics out of his clubs and he was reputed to be a major player in the lucrative arson-for-profit racket.

Since 1981, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office had been trying in vain to nail Nash for the notorious, high-profile Wonderland murders, the bloody bludgeoning deaths of four mid-level cocaine dealers, the possible result of the robbery of Nash’s home two days before the slayings at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon. A key player in the incident, porn icon John Holmes, was acquitted of the murders, and the well-connected Eddie Nash also eluded prosecution.

In 1990, Eddie Nash was tried in California state court for planning the Wonderland murders; emerging as a pivotal witness in the state prosecution of Nash was Scott Thorson, the one-time boy toy of flamboyant entertainer Liberace. Thorson became an instant tabloid and mainstream press celebrity in 1982 when he filed a $133 million palimony suit against his former lover and companion of five years.

Thorson and Liberace settled out of court in 1986 for $95,000, two cars, and two pet dogs, reflecting a common trajectory in Thorson’s life: Selling dirty laundry for a quick buck or anything else he can get out of the deal; this should not, however, imply that Scott Thorson is a shakedown artist. He is a survivalist, living, as the old Arabic saying goes, “close to the ground”, getting by the only way he knows how without punching a time clock.

The former Las Vegas veterinary assistant entered adulthood earlier than most, accepting a job in 1976 as companion and personal assistant to one of the world’s most popular and wealthiest entertainers. Scott was just 16-years-old, plucked from obscurity into a lavish world of Lear jets, Rolls-Royces, multi-million dollar mansions, and ostentatious jewelry.

The sloth of a hedonistic, jet-setting lifestyle soon extracted a toll on the young blonde Adonis. He put on weight. His features sagged. Liberace had the perfect solution to return the spring to Scott’s stride: Thorson would undergo facial reconstruction surgery to resemble the son that Liberace never had. But the surgeries proved to be a nightmare. (The doctor was a chronic alcoholic who would later shoot himself to death.)

After the botched facial alterations were complete, the surgeon placed Scott on the so-called Hollywood Diet: cocaine, Quaaludes, Biphetamine, and Demerol, leaving Scott not only hopelessly hooked on painkillers for the duration of his life, but also with a chronic case of Hepatitis C, the result of a series of blood transfusions required for the facial reconstruction.

In 1987 Thorson wrote a book, Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace, about his life with Liberace. Shortly before the book was released, just as he was about to embark on a nationwide publicity jaunt, the FBI appeared and whisked Thorson away into the witness protection program for his testimony against Eddie Nash in the state’s prosecution of the mobster for the Wonderland murders. The book’s publisher, in the interim, declared bankruptcy and Scott never laid his fingertips on a dime from the slim handful of units that sold.

And so here was Scott Thorson in the year 2004, calling yours truly from his home in Falmuth, Maine, flat broke and disabled, in chronic, horrendous pain from a botched murder attempt and an even more botched plastic surgery mandated by a demented and narcissistic celebrity, hoping that I would serve as his conduit for another lucrative laundry airing.

“Our mutual friend tells me that you’re the man,” Thorson said. “He said that if you can’t sell this story, no one can.”

A brief survey of my bleak surroundings said to the casual observer that the business of selling stories had not been kind to me of late. Divorced for several years, my home and work quarters was a comfortable residential hotel in the L.A. bedroom community of Glendale; the kitchen was comprised of a microwave atop a dresser and a mini-fridge next to my cheap assemble-it-yourself desk. Dishes were washed in the bathroom sink and rinsed in the bath tub.

I had no tangible assets to speak of, no credit cards, no personal vehicle, no savings account, and maybe a hundred bucks in my checking account. As a freelance writer for over ten years, I had hit a bad stretch of road. The heyday of the freelancer was coming to an end—- the buck-a-word magazine assignments had become as fossilized as the prehistoric remains in the La Brea Tar Pits.

“This story is really, really hot, Rodger,” Thorson continued in his nasal whine. “But I need a lot of money. I’m totally tapped out after paying for the spinal surgery and the IRS has put a lien on my bank account. I’m really fucked.”

“How much money are you looking for, Scott?” I asked again, my irritation clearly palpable at this point. The mere idea of dodging into the ghetto of tabloids for a quick cash infusion represented a new personal low for me, but living “off the grid” often means making harsh ethical and moral decisions with little or no time to think, not with the landlord impatiently knocking at the door. “You have to set a price. How much do you want for the story?”

Thorson suggested a low four-figure sum and I laughed. “Scott, if your story checks out, that sum would be my finders fee. You would be getting three times that much, providing you pass a lie detector test.”

“Of course I would pass a lie detector test,” Thorson promised enthusiastically.

“I believe you.”

Scott offered me more mud to sell about forgotten Las Vegas entertainers and yesterday’s movie and TV stars, most of the stories involving sexual scandal of one shape or form, trivia I never wanted to know, trivia I carry in my head to this day like a lingering hangover five years after the party that, in retrospect, didn’t seem like a good idea at the time anyway.

The story that Scott Thorson offered for sale that April afternoon in 2004 was, as expected, a sordid tale, this one involving his ongoing love affair in the ‘80s with a pop music superstar long-rumored to be gay. I briefly flirted with the notion of writing the article myself, weaving the True Confessions element into a profile of Thorson and his peripatetic outlaw lifestyle that I would title The Man with Liberace’s Face.

“Just sell the damn story to the National Enquirer,” a colleague suggested. “It’s a quicker sale and the money will be better.”

I was provided by another colleague, a brand name internet gossip columnist, with a solid and reliable contact at American Media, the parent company of supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer. (Thorson, I would later learn, had brokered a $30,000 deal with the Enquirer in 1988 for a tell-all about his five year affair with Liberace, who died at the age of 67 in 1987 due to complications from AIDS).

In the interest of brevity, let it be said that I have negotiated apartment leases that were more complicated than the deal with American Media for Scott Thorson’s celebrity mud slinging. I was offered a rate to carry back for Scott’s approval and the finder’s fee that American Media offered me, for bringing them the tawdry story was more than enough to compensate for my recent financial losses in the freelance sector.

American Media dispatched a polygraph expert to Falmuth, Maine, within days of my initial phone call to their reporter. Scott passed not one but three polygraph tests, more than enough for the publishing company to trust the veracity of his story, which ran a few short weeks later as a front page banner headline.

“I lost all the money, Rodger,” Scott wept into the telephone one morning just days after his Enquirer confession hit supermarket news stands. He had recently filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, he explained, and the government seized his proceeds from the Enquirer sale mere moments after he deposited the check into his personal account – this is what happens when the chemicals that fuel greed, bad luck, and stupidity are mixed in the same test tube.

Thorson was feral. He had no resources to fall back on after his brief windfall crumbled to dust. He began phoning me several times a day, often under the influence of God- knows-what narcotics that slurred his speech so badly he sounded like a drunken drag queen doing a bad impression of Liberace. Scott offered me more mud to sell about forgotten Las Vegas entertainers and yesterday’s movie and TV stars, most of the stories involving sexual scandal of one shape or form,trivia I never wanted to know, trivia I carry in my head to this day like a lingering hangover five years after the party that, in retrospect, didn’t seem like a good idea at the time anyway.

The windfall that I had enjoyed from the Enquirer sale was a mirage, a brief stalling of an inevitable looming disaster, not unlike governments bailing out ailing financial institutions doomed to fail.

In the middle of 2006, I was forced to give up a freelance trade magazine gig when the magazine converted from a “payment upon acceptance” policy to payment deferred until one month after publication. The rock began rolling downhill and when it came to a rest I found myself far from Los Angeles, ensconced in a cramped residential hotel on Columbus Avenue, rumored to have once been a bordello at some point in its long history, above Molinari’s Delicatessen in the bohemian enclave of North Beach. The room had no cooking facilities, faulty electricity and heating, communal bathrooms and showers down the hall, and overlooked Kenneth Rexroth Alley, a notorious breeding ground for rats.

Unable to face day-to-day life in an 11×11 room with unreliable electricity, I found myself a home for the long mornings and afternoons: the world-famous Vesuvio bar, just across Jack Kerouac Alley from the equally famed City Lights Book Store. I integrated well into the community of writers and poets and artists and musicians, each and every one of them with one foot in the gutter and the other on a banana peel.

An interesting thing happens to people forced into abject poverty, when one is no longer living day-to-day but often literally hour-to-hour: You learn to live not just by your wits but by a sense of ethics you never knew you had. Your empathy meter reads very high. If you can afford to buy a beer or a glass of wine for the broke, depressed, melancholic artist sitting next to you at the bar, you do it without flinching and next time he or she is in the black they will remember the kindness and do the same for you.

In the lower depths you meet people you are bound to never forget, people who would truly take a bullet for you, all they ask in return is that you do the same for them. It’s an unwritten policy that one learns fairly fast.

…Life in state prison for a known snitch can be measured with an egg timer.

In December 2008 Scott Thorson made a plea deal with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in California. He admitted to possessing methamphetamine and driving under the influence in August 2008, and possessing methamphetamine for sale in March of 2008.

He also pled guilty to multiple theft charges: $827.60 in groceries from an Albertson’s Market in Palm Springs in April 2007; $171.21 in groceries from a Stater Brothers store in La Quinta in July 2007; and a theft from a La Quinta Target store in December 2006.

In exchange for his plea, the Riverside D.A.’s Office reduced the charges to meth possession with intent to sell and one charge of theft from a hardware store incident in California’s Coachella Valley. He will serve two years in California state prison.

Scott Thorson learned the hard way that some days a guy can’t win.

Life in prison will not be easy for Scott, not with a lifelong reputation as a seller of secrets, a man who trades intimacies for whatever he can get; that is Scott’s survival instinct, it’s all he knows. In the novel Snitch Jacket by L.A. Times reporter Christopher Goffard, the author points out that life in state prison for a known snitch can be measured with an egg timer.

“First they push you into a broom closet,” Goffard writes. “Then they bust out your teeth and take turns while you kneel. Then they cut out your tongue and say, ‘You won’t talk to pigs no more, not even in hell.’ Then they slip the shank, and by then, you’re glad to say: So long.”

In September 2001 Eddie Nash agreed to a plea bargain arrangement on Federal charges under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act for running a drug dealing and money laundering operation. Nash also admitted to jury tampering in the 1990 trial that had been bolstered by Thorson’s testimony against him, and to ordering his associates to retrieve his stolen property from the Wonderland drug den in 1981, but he denied planning the murders that occurred that night. He received a four and a half year prison sentence with credit for time already served and a $250,000 fine.

Eddie Nash was released in 2002 and today is a free man in Los Angeles”.


Please have a look at the article below. It will tell you why Scott Thorson has resurfaced recently again.

In 2008, Thorson was arrested and pleaded guilty to drug and burglary charges and sentenced to four years in prison.


Published on: December 4, 2008

Talking about hitting a wrong note! A former BF of the late pianist Liberace and self-confessed Michael Jackson lover has been sentenced to two years in prison for felony possession of methamphetamine, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

Scott Thorson, 49, was arrested on several drug-related charges in Palm Springs on Aug. 27, and has been assigned to an Indio, Calif., jail before going to state prison.

In a 2004 interview with The ENQUIRER, Thorson claimed in the early 80s he had a homosexual affair with Michael Jackson.

Thorson’s five-year romance with Liberace ended in 1982 after Thorson became addicted to painkillers and other drugs, and the flamboyant pianist booted him from their Los Angeles penthouse.  Thorson attempted to unsuccessfully sue for plaimony.

After the split, Thorson filed a $113 million palimony suit against the showman, but eventually settled out of court for a reported $95,000.

Liberace died at age 67 in 1987 of AIDS complications.

See how the tabloid is speaking about the allegations as if they were fact?

But this is not the point I wanted to draw you attention to. My main point is that Scott Thorson was jailed at the end of August 2008 and was most probably released at the end of August 2010 (if his term of sentence was cut in half as the rumor had it) or only recently (if he served almost the whole of the term).

This means that now Scott Thorson is a free man who is in dire straits again. And he is unfortunately resorting to the same old well-proven method he used on numerous occasions before – trashing Michael Jackson for the entertainment of the public.

He wants to repeat the success of his earlier National Enquirer deal with the only exception that the money received for his new betrayal of Michael Jackson should be not lost this time.

However he is making a fatal mistake again.

Blood money has never done anyone any good. Will Thorson be able to ever understand it?

*  *  *

Updated May 11, 2012

On the basis of the above information LunaJo67 in collaboration with Sanemjfan made a video about Scott Thorson’s claims. Here is the video:

If LunaJo67 is going to make a sequel to it let me suggest that she also covers the way the media adds its own twists to this story, false as it was from the very beginning of it:

  • Thorson drops vague hints and the media lies about the rest. Nothing except ordinary friendship started in 1979 even according to Thorson, but the media says “something” did.
  • Thorson speaks of a relationship with Liberace from about 17 years of age but the media explains that it was Michael Jackson instead.
  • Thorson just smiles and gives knowing looks and the media immediately explains that “the relationship” turned “intimate” (voiceover) and would “cross the boundaries of friends” to which Thorson says “yes” (with a tinge of doubt to his words), but “this is all he is comfortable saying”.

However “crossing the boundaries of friends” can mean anything – for example, turning friendship into business relations, or even into an animosity as a more exotic interpretation of it. Exotic it is, but the latter variant is probably the most correct one because since the time Scott Thorson started making passes on Michael, Michael told him to **** off and this when the whole thing ended between them.

Yes, Scott Thorson did try to “cross the boundaries of friendship” and it resulted in Michael Jackson totally disassociating himself from this man. So technically Thorson is right – and it is only the meaning of it which is exactly the opposite.

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